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Sunday, February 18, 2007


Watch the Video
You guys have all been waiting for it, and now, I am officially posting my final project from this trip.
It was quite a journey. Now that we're back at Carleton, we don't see eachother nearly as much, though we have all still remained friends. When we get together, we still talk about all the awesome things that happened in the different cities, and all of us agree that it is impossible to describe what went on while we were abroad. This apparently is a common scenario:

Parents: Yay, we're so glad you're back! How was your trip?
Student: Uh.....good.
Parents: ....Well, what did you guys do? Tell me all about it!
Student: Uh.....we looked at art....and stuff.....had fun.....learned some things...yeah.
Parents: ......

Unfortunately, that is really the best explanation I can come up with for what happened. If you've been keeping track of this blog, you'll know all kinds of things happened every day. I guess there was just so much stuff that it has kind of blurred into one, big, indescribable life changing thing. I'm glad it happened though. I've come out of it with a new perspective on art, about 20 new friends, and a lot more experience.

So, here are some things that have happened since we got back:
- Andy has gotten an internship at the Film Archives
- Tom has either gotten one there also or is looking into it. He might also try to work at the ARChives, the music place we visited
- Stacy, Caitlin and I are still very good friends and hang out together fairly often
- Alissa and I are officially Studio Art majors
- Boris is in Australia doing an Art program
- Juggles the bear is still being passed around among the CAMS roadtrippers. Not sure where he is right now

- CAMS Roadtrip shirt idea:
Front: Gangbang Documentarian
Back: "95% of what you just showed us is stupid, and the other 5% is borderline stupid."
CAMS New Media Roadtrip 2006

The End.


Anonymous Mararrrr said...

That was awesome!

The full version was great. I didn't realize you did so many approaches, since your sample piece was just circling the meters.

The audio seemed to sync up fine on my computer, I didn't notice any lag. It was really loud, but Quicktime does that to me all the time.

11:14 AM  
Anonymous *dinosaur noise* said...

I know what you mean. When people say "how's Japan?" I just don't have enough words to describe it. I think maybe out of all the adjectives I can think of "crazy" is the closest to how Japan is, so I might just start using that.

4:17 PM  
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