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Thursday, September 28, 2006

I'm sorry, but eyeliner just doesn't look good on everyone.

Finally, after almost a week, I've recovered from the Come Out and Play Festival. I celebrated by walking way too much today, which I celebrated by eating ice cream! Yay!!!

We had class at 11 today, where John told us about how we had to finish up our Cube project (the project that he commissioned an artist to do with us), which I'm pretty sure none of us are even close to finishing, and mentioned that he had planned a tour at the Whitney for us at 1:30 and if we could go we should.

The show we were taking a tour of was about Picasso and American art (yay more picasso!!), and since I decided I loved him so much when we went to MoMA yesterday, I had to go. We got there a bit late, but met up with the tour guide and had a great tour...apparently.

When our tour first started, there were a couple of old people who decided that they could follow us around and take the tour with us. I was kind of angry about this (I can't really explain why, but wouldn't you be?), but there wasn't really anything I could do about it since they weren't being annoying or anything. A little while later, we acquired a couple of little old ladies. I suppose that people saw there were a few older people in our group and thought that it must be some kind of free tour. So suddenly there were about twenty people following us around, and I was just going crazy trying to decide if I should stop the tour and make them all leave. But where would they go? 5 feet away? It seemed stupid. And they weren't really doing anything, they were just following us. So I couldn't really justify it, until the end of the tour where they started standing in front of us and asking questions. But since we were on the last artist of the tour, it seemed stupid to throw them out then, too.

After the tour, we were free to wander around the museum. I looked around a little bit, but my legs hurt from standing for so long, so I decided to leave after about half an hour.

When I left the museum, I realized I wasn't sure how to go about getting back. We had taken the subway, and then the bus, and then walked a bit, but I didn't know exactly where we had come from or what bus to take to get back to the subway stop. So I just started walking west (not randomly, alright?) towards Central Park. I could have just walked up and around it, but I figured since I hadn't really been there yet, I might as well just walk across.

It was actually really cool. There was grass and trees everywhere, and some statue of a king in Poland, a pond, a totally random castle which was right next to some kind of concert stage, and other interesting things. But I think the most interesting thing about it was knowing that none of it at all used to be there. I watched a huge long special on PBS or something random like that about how they made Central Park, and how pretty much everything in there, even the huge rocks, had to be brought over from other places. I sat down on a big boulder, ate an ice cream bar, and appreciated things for a minute, then continued on with my journey home.

I kept walking west until I was on some Central Park street, then I was on some other street that I didn't recognize. Eventually, I found Amsterdam Ave, which I know is near where I wanted to be. I walked down there for a while, then went over another block to Broadway because I realized that all the subway stations were over there. At that point, I was on 86th street and felt fine, so I just skipped the subway stop there and kept going. Nothing too eventful happened on this walk. There was a point where I thought I'd be generous and give my daily pocket change to some random homeless guy on the street (I have change in my pocket that I reserve especially for this) but what I thought was probably a bit more than a dollar in change turned out to be about 35 cents in nickels, so then I just felt stupid. Especially since the guy had a huge basket to put stuff in, and there was only about 30 cents in there anyway.

Oh, I also did find this sign though:

Eventually I was on 116th street and figured I might as well walk the remaining four blocks up to International House. I actually met up with Stacy and Jenny on the way, who had remained at the Whitney when I left and were just getting back also. Except they didn't walk as much as I did. At all. I realized that I had walked all the way from around 75th street to 123rd or so. According to Google Maps, that's 3.8 miles. Wow.

When I got up to my room, I intended to work on my project and other things I need to finish, but as usual when I decide to do that, I just passed out on my bed for three hours. Eventually I woke up and had a nice nutritious dinner of a bowl of Raisin Bran. Don't worry momma, it's full of fiber!

Luckily, Terin happened to have some left over salmon from a fancy dinner he went to with John tonight, and gave it to me. Yay salmon!

That's all for today. Bye.


Anonymous Mararrrr said...

Don't forget that Central Park is a Frederick Law Olmsted park, meaning it was designed by Spike's great uncle (or similar relation)!

6:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good for you - I see you had that cereal with Organic milk!

8:42 PM  

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