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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Quick Note

Hey everyone. Sorry I didn't update my blog last night, since I know all of you linger on my every word. But it turns out that yesterday was actually SO much fun and so exciting, that I was too tired to write it all out here afterwards. I did begin transcribing it in my Harry Potter Journal (thank you mara and matej!), and so far it has taken up seven pages (gasp! Same number as the books!) front and back.

I'm pretty sure that something in that much detail would be counted as a kind of personal "life journal" type post, but for the sake of the people who actually read this regularly, (hi Momma!) I'm going to do it anyway. Sorry John.

So here's what's going to happen: This post is HUGE. and I mean gigantic. Because of this, I have separated it out into "chapters" so that you guys can leave off and come back later if you have to. However, I still have to write my post for today, which isn't nearly as interesting, but not worth completely ignoring either. I did do things relating to the festival today, some of them were pretty fun, and out of appreciation for John I feel obligated to update my blog if anything interesting happened to me. I think I'm going to do today's post first, that way it won't seem totally lame after yesterdays, and I'm more likely to forget parts of it since I haven't been transcribing it in a journal for two days. So here we go.


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