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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Hot Black Cathy and the Mature Beauty

Aaaah free days. How quickly they pass. Not like nothing happened today....

I set off at about 2pm, intending to find the British Museum and possibly check out the Tate. I looked at Google maps UK and found that all I had to do to get to the museum was go straight down the street and turn right on Gowan. Not too complicated. But first, I needed to change some money.

As I walked down the street looking for a place to exchange money, I came across all kinds of interesting stuff. One of my favorite things about London so far is the phone booths. They're full of porn. Well, it's not really porn. It seems to be advertising. Usually, it's a little card stuck to the wall, with some mostly naked girl on it doing something suggestive, and then a phone number with her name and maybe a brief description of what she does. Sometimes they fall off or get pulled off and left on the street, so I picked up a bunch while I was walking. I've got The Queen of Kink, Hot Black Cathy, Sexy Scandinavian, and a few other ones that I can't remember right now.

While I was walking, I realized that I had no idea what street I was on or where I should be going to. But it didn't really matter because at least I knew where I had come from. I eventually saw a Hilton hotel, and from my intern work that I did at CCA (distributing many postcards about events), I knew that concierges are very helpful people. So I went in and asked him where I could get some money, and it turned out there was actually a place right down the street. Yay money.

After that, I kind of lost track of where I was going. It sort of reminded me of John telling us about a style of GPS mapping where you go based on what feels comfortable or interesting, and then track that. Except I wasn't doing GPS mapping. I was just sort of wandering around.

About an hour later, I had completely given up on going to the British museum. I had walked through all sorts of streets, gone left, right, right, left, straight, and then right again, and while I still knew where I had come from, it wasn't worth it to go all the way back and restart my search. I decided to just wander and see what would happen.

There were definitely some interesting things that happened. I had stopped to take a picture of a restaurant or bar called Bung Hole (just because it's immature doesn't mean it's not funny!) and some random guy walked up to me and started asking me questions. Not a crazy guy, just a normal guy. Apparently, his friend was still good friends with an ex, and his new girlfriend didn't want him to talk to her anymore. But then it turned out that the friend had a whole box of stuff from this previous relationship, and the new girlfriend wanted him to burn the whole box. We finally came to the conclusion that she should just get over it. But then we started talking about swing dancing (he could tell I was American and was asking me if I was "on holiday" because he'd met some Americans at swing clubs who were), and then we started talking about how much the exchange rate here sucks for me. It was an interesting conversation, mostly because it was with a complete stranger.

I'm going to have to change the subject for a second to explain this one. So while we've been here, we've noticed these signs in the subway stations and around town that have pictures of famous actors (the only one I've actually seen is the one with William H Macy) and underneath it says "Who says nothing good ever came out of America?"

We were all very entertained with these signs, and took lots of pictures of them. But while I was walking away from this guy, I saw one that was just black and said "Nothing good ever came out of America." I kind of stared at it for a while, thinking maybe someone had painted over it, but I'm pretty sure they didn't. I think it just said that. So I stopped and took a picture.

I got tired after a while, and decided to sit down and write out some post cards, since I was right near a post office at that point. There was this totally crazy old lady who stared at me the entire time I did it. That's really all I have to say about that moment.

Eventually I made my way home (I picked up some really odd British gummies on the way), and retold my story of the day to Rachel, Joe, and Kristen who all thought that me collecting pictures of the naked ladies in phone booths was hilarious. Rachel came up with the idea that we should turn them into some kind of trading card, and hopefully that will happen. Then we ate dinner (meat!) and came back to work on stuff. The end.


Anonymous Mararrrr said...

Yay meat!

3:02 PM  
Anonymous Talia said...

The best place I ever found to exchange money, especially on a Sunday or a Bank Holiday, was in a Tube station on the Strand. I forget which one it was but I think it was yellow line. It was somewhat near the Savoy I recall, because I had originally been looking for an American Express office that was right outside the Savoy but which was closed because of the Bank Holiday.

You know what you might do when you need to eat -- Not that it's all that cheap out there -- but you might try going to McDonalds and eating the weird British food on the menu. I had a McFlurry (very small out there, as I remember) with Cadbury chocolate in it.

5:09 PM  
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