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Friday, September 29, 2006

Donations for Tisch??

Today is an optimum day for blogging. It's Friday night and everyone is at a toga party. The internet is so fast right now.

Well, today was yet another exciting day. We started off the day by going down to the ARChive, an archive for pretty much all the popular music ever created since the late 1940's. The guy there had some amazing stories about people that he's met with all over the world, and told us about some of his adventures in Columbia where it seems he was almost murdered a few times a day.

Afterwards, we had a couple of hours before we had to be at Tisch for some kind of unknown reason, so we wandered around looking at random shops and sort of looking for food. We found a few really cool things, including a restaurant called Felix, an advertisement that made no sense, and a mailbox with "My dick is big" painted on the side.

Eventually, Jenny saw a place that she had heard had really good hot chocolate, so we stopped in there. It was $4 for a 3 ounce cup of hot chocolate, but that was because it was so good. They basically melt a chunk of really good chocolate in a cup for you, and then you drink it. I almost considered buying something there, but it was $7 for two 1in big pieces of chocolate, so it didn't happen.

At around 5pm, we got to Tisch. Caitlin and I had our first New York hot dog stand hot dogs while we waited for everyone to get there. They were pretty good. I kind of want one now.

When everyone got there, we went up to the 4th floor. I don't remember what that floor is, but it has to do with technical stuff. The point is, it was awesome. In the lobby, there was this really cool piece called The Wooden Mirror by Daniel Rozin. Basically, it was a bunch of little wooden squares connected to motors with a camera in the middle of the whole thing. The camera would record the image of whatever was in front of it, then the motors would move the wooden squares accordingly depending on the shade of gray that was in the image. I played with it for a good 20 minutes.

There was another really cool piece there by a guy named Tristan. I remember seeing something at SITE Santa Fe that it reminded me of a little bit. He had programmed some motors with some kind of algorithm, then hooked up some fishing wire tied to a pen, so that the motors would move according to the algorithm and draw some kind of random picture. I also stared at that for quite a while.

The guys at Tisch told us about the school, what they did there, etc., and now I really want to go there. It's only a two year program! It can't cost that much, can it??? So I'm thinking that everyone who's reading this should get $1 from everyone they know, and donate it to the "send Julia to Tisch" fund. Or the "send Julia to the Manhattan School of Music" fund. That should start me off with about $1000, and then if I sell crack on the street and pimp out some ho's, I might be able to pull it off.

After Tisch, I stayed in the Village for a while and had a really good dinner of delicious sushi!! Mmmmm. Then I came back here, went to Tom's birthday party and had a really good time watching everyone get really drunk, and then I came back here to do my blog post. The end.


Anonymous Mararrrr said...

Anita did that sort of thing to pay for Rosie to go to Desert. She just sent out letters to everyone she knows asking them to donate whatever, even a few dollars. Evidently it worked, since Rosie went to Desert. I'm sure if you sneak some special pictures into the right letters, you could pay for both schools!

1:17 PM  

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